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Which keywords receive the most e-mails? (Also: Why am I not receiving any e-mails?)

Solution Keywords can be changed at any time at

My-PTR sends over 50 e-mails a day. This number may change due to expiring ads and returning advertisers. However, if you do not have the right keywords checked, you are essentially opting out of receiving the e-mail ads sent to those keywords.

1) PTP Ad E-mails receives the most e-mails (over 90% of the e-mail ads are targeted to this keyword)

2) Cheap Cash Email Opt In receives the second most e-mails. E-mails sent to this option are mostly from upgraded members redeeming for their monthly ads.

3) Affiliate Page E-mails Opt In - This is 1/100 cent ads. Only affiliate page links are sent through this option.

4) Opt-In: 1/10 cent (0.10c) E-mail - Only used when an advertiser purchases a 1/10 cent ad.

5) Search Ads: Only used with an advertiser purchases a search e-mail ad. There are currently no search e-mail ads running on the site.

If you have all five options checked, you will not miss an e-mail unless an advertiser targets a message to "New Program Alerts". If you do not have any of the first three keywords listed in this message selected, you will receive a very small amount of ads as those are dependent on advertiser purchases or member redemptions for that specific ad type.
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